When most think of female leadership and empowerment in the United Kingdom, names like Theresa May or Margaret Thatcher come to mind. However, there are many more women in the United Kingdom who play a crucial role in changing how the United Kingdom operates. Across the United Kingdom, you can find many women devoting their time to change greater equality and representation. The following are five women who made an impact through their work with politics or activism.

Mhairi Black

First elected as a member of parliament at the age of 20, Mhairi Black, took the title of the youngest MP. Although she was the youngest amongst the other members, Black has not let her age stand in the way of raising her political voice. Black has spoken passionately on a variety of issues from the need for greater diversity within Westminster, to LGBT rights, to even things such as the national food bank crisis.

Pavan Amara

A victim of sexual assault, Pavan realized that the UK was severely lacking in resources for women who experienced sexual violence. Due to the lack of resources, Pavan decided to take matters into her own hands. In 2015, Pavan Amara launched My Body Back Project, to not only provide women with sexual health but help them regain self-respect.

Florence Eshalomi

Florence Eshalomi is an assembly member who represents the people of Lambeth and Southwark at City Hall. Florence believes that that public office should be a true representative of the community, therefore Florence continually strives for improving youth representation in local UK politics.

Overall, Florence has a strong record when it comes to tackling issues that matter to the local community including transport, policing, health, housing, equalities, culture, education and public services.

Yasmin Ahmed

Yasmin is currently in her final year as a law student. When not at school, she is a broadcast journalist and columnist for multiple national and international papers. Yasmin has been a key player in diversifying the media throughout the UK. Not only does she provide a voice for minority women in the UK, but across the world.

Temi Mwale

After losing a friend to gang violence, Temi realized that the UK was lacking in resources and solutions to gang violence. Wanting to make a difference, Demi founded the 4Front Project to find solutions to street violence affecting youth across inner-city estates in London. The organization aims to raise awareness, provide a platform for discussion, and encourage the community to create a positive impact.